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Our spectrum includes the following services:

visual inspection
We do not just sort after i.O. and n.i.O. but also according to different fault patterns, which we also document and add to the delivery. A 100% control is possible visually, with a microscope or magnifying lamp.

In order to see even the smallest damage or differences, we have the opportunity to carry out tests with the microscope or magnifying lamp.

quality inspection
Based on defect catalogs or reference samples, we can test parts according to test instructions with measuring tools or other test equipment.

With a piece of confusion or mixing of different parts we sort them apart again.

Light assembly work / rework
Whether you have an assembly assembly, a wrong production, or individual components to be assembled together, we are happy to take over for you. Whether filigree activities with instinct or something rough, we have the right material.

We can guarantee a timely delivery to your end customer. We can commission the deliveries ourselves or send them back to you.

Creation of test instructions / error catalogs
In the event of a restart of parts and their defects, we can also create an error catalog with photos for you.

Flexible and uncomplicated
The cooperation with us is always flexible and uncomplicated

Upon request,
we provide these services to you in your company Or we provide our services for you in our own storage and production areas. (our production area covers approx. 600 qm²)

Our work space and storage space are well equipped for the specific customer requirements.

We have the necessary equipment and the required safety equipment for our focus activity and quality assurance for electronic and mechanical components. Flexibility, reliability, competence and speed distinguish our team.

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Flexibility, reliability, competence and speed


EXCELLENT WORK - You can expect that from us. Not only the Dekra certification distinguishes us, with us customer satisfaction and quality are always in the focus, with guarantee! Certified to ISO 9001: 2015

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